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Today I am 12 years old ...

Nothing like life experience and lived experience to get a message across .....

I have forged myself through my various professional activities, human adventures, illness and disillusionment, a solid conviction:

it is because certain challenges seem impossible that they must be met!

So I decided 12 years after my transplant to become independent and continue to send a beautiful message of hope for people awaiting transplant


It doesn't matter if you fall or fail, the important thing is to get up and succeed :)


Today independent, I would like to guide you to other horizons, to make you discover other approaches to navigate towards your success - contact me! - Jacques


H2o-consulting / events / racing

A-One Business Center – Z.A. La Pièce 1 – A5

CH-1180 Rolle – Jacques Valente

Thank you for what you sent !

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